LINK Business Magazine

POSTED: 10th Nov

Link is our quarterly magazine promoting local businesses, and features business specific news and u...

Calendar of business events

POSTED: 10th Nov

The Economic Development Unit is committed to helping business in Brimbank to grow and to develop a ...

Business Development

POSTED: 10th Nov

Council’s Economic Development Unit works to deliver a program of business development initiat...

Exhibitor List - Melbourne West Jobs Fair

POSTED: 25th Sep

The Melbourne West Jobs Fair was held on Thursday 31 August. 46 exhibitors attended the Jobs Fair, ...

Melbourne West Jobs Fair

POSTED: 15th Aug

HEADING TO MELBOURNE WEST JOBS FAIR ON 31 AUGUST? The online exhibitor list for the Melbourne West ...

Ravenhall Prison takes shape

POSTED: 14th Jan

Motorists heading out on the Western Freeway between Sunshine and Melton couldn’t fail to noti...

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