Digital Applications Coordinator

Victoria University

St Albans, VIC

Posted 2/12/2019

Digital Applications Coordinator

POSITION REPORTS TO Manager, Digital and Student Computing Services
OVERALL PURPOSE The overall purpose of the position is the coordination of core library digital

applications and systems including the planning, development, review and
implementation of relevant technologies for the delivery of library resources and
services. The position is also responsible for integrating library applications with
university enterprise systems to ensure the effective flow of data and functionality
across different platforms.

ORGANISATIONAL Within the University the position:
CONTEXT AND • works closely with library staff across all campus libraries along with
RELATIONSHIPS Connected Learning, ITS and Student Services

Outside the University, the position liaises with library technology and information
resources vendors, system user groups and cooperative networks.

LOCATION/CAMPUS The position is currently located at the St Albans Campus of the University. The
position and incumbent may be relocated to any other existing or future University
work locations where it conducts its operations.


Victoria University is committed to building core capability across VU through investment in our staff, our systems
and our processes. We will develop the capabilities of our staff to:

Deliver - Excellence Results-driven, accountability, problem solving focus.
Engage - Customer service mind-set internally, externally and particularly for students.
Collaborate and Partner - Build successful relationships, communicate effectively, influence and negotiate.
Innovate - Entrepreneurship, growth, continuous improvement, digital transformation.
Lead - Inspire direction, lead change, manage and develop people.


Victoria University (VU) is a dual sector (higher education and TAFE) tertiary institution based in Melbourne,
Australia. VU has academic colleges, each covering a broad discipline of study, and several research institutes and
research centres. The University has campuses in Melbourne's CBD and western region, and a campus in Sydney.
It also offers courses at partner institutions throughout Asia. Almost 43,000 students, including around 14,000
international students, study VU courses worldwide. In 2016, VU celebrated its 25th anniversary as a university,
which also marked its 100 years as an educational institution.


The Victoria University Library is integral to the University’s mission and vision by enabling access to quality
information resources, providing excellent learning spaces and services, and contributing to the University’s learning,

People and Culture Use only
Date Updated Date Classified

teaching and research activities. The University Library is located in the Students Group and is responsible to the
Pro Vice Chancellor, (Students) in the portfolio of the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Senior Vice President.

The Library has developed a Strategic Plan which will serve to develop, focus and consolidate Library services,
collections and facilities from 2016-2020. It includes a series of strategies identifying where the Library must achieve
change in order to fulfil its mission.

The Library Management Team consists of two Division Associate Librarians: ‘Information Resources, Systems and
Infrastructure’ and ‘Scholarly Information Services’, and the Managers of the following areas: Digital Services and
Student Computing; Information Resources and Collection Services; Libraries- Footscray; and Records and
Archives Services.

• Coordinates the Library Integrated Management System, Discovery Layer, Reading List software application,

external document supply system(s), authentication environment, online publishing platform, and related web-
based link resolving tools.

  • Coordinate the integration of data from university enterprise systems with relevant library systems to ensure
workflows and data transfers are timely, accurate and efficient.
  • Coordinate the evaluation and testing of new applications, upgrades and platform releases including the
identification and recommendation of opportunities for library technologies to contribute to improved student
learning outcomes by applying additional functionality, improved workflows or superior interfaces.
  • Act as the primary liaison with library and learning technology vendors in relation to their day to day operability
and recommends improvements to development paths to better fulfil library business needs.
  • Participate, and at times, act as project manager under the direction of a project sponsor for local library
projects such as discovery layer applications, online publishing and reading list software.

• Under broad direction from Manager, Digital and Student Computing Services, assess, generate and apply

ideas that improve the provision of library applications to improve library workflows and support the digital
library contribution to teaching, learning and research.

  • Implement and test new applications or upgrades in the Victoria University environment, providing the trouble
shooting and problem solving to ensure maximum operability
  • Develop effective workflows that integrate a range of business rules and data sources required to operate and
develop library systems.
  • Provide high level advice on the technical and information management requirements of library applications
and technologies within the university and when liaising with external vendors or network partners.
  • Represents the Library at both internal and external committees and interest groups including the Library/IT
Advisory Committee and vendor user groups.
  • Facilitates use of the reporting and statistical functions for library applications to contribute to decision and
policy making processes as required.



  • Operates under broad direction from Manager, Digital and Student Computing Services.
May be required to manage other members within the Digital Services team in the absence of the Manager, Digital
and Student Computing Services.

• Expert knowledge of library applications and related information management requirements relevant to

contemporary academic libraries.
• Extensive knowledge of learning technology trends in the tertiary education sector as well as developments in

university enterprise systems
• Knowledge of national and international standards, protocols and codes of practice related to library systems

and management of information resources.
• Project management principles and methodologies to enable the planning, development and implementation

of and projects.
• Familiar with federal and State government legislation and policies related to the tertiary education sector and

its impact in their area of responsibility.
• Knowledge of University operations, governance and decision making processes, including system change

controls, quality assurance policies and procedures and other relevant legislative requirements.


1. Knowledge or Training equivalent to a degree with 4 years subsequent relevant experience or extensive

experience and management expertise, or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or

2. Demonstrated experience in the use of Library related technologies and applications including Discovery
Layers, Library Management Systems and Reading List software to support a broad range of areas and
functions at an administrative level and user interface level.

3. Demonstrated understanding of how library applications, relate and integrate with the broader range of

learning technologies and enterprise systems operating within contemporary universities, including a
demonstrated knowledge of current Web technologies, standards and protocols applying to search engines,
metadata systems authentication, SQL, API development, and Open URL.

4. Well demonstrated project management skills and the capacity to work on multiple projects simultaneously

and be able to deliver results determined by critical dates in an organisational environment.

5. Extensive interpersonal, communication and report writing skills and the ability to manage confidential and
sensitive information relevant to an academic environment.

6. Demonstrated ability to exercise initiative, judgement and decision making, and generate and operationalise

ideas to improve workplace practice.

7. Demonstrated capacity to understand and comply with employer policy and practices in all aspects of work
and conduct, including OHS and Anti-Discrimination responsibilities and complete/attend relevant training.



8. Willingness to commit to the VU Values and Behaviours :
  • Values -Access, Excellence, Respect
  • Behaviours - Engagement, Collegiality, Courage


1. Experience in the development and creation of digital content for Web and other network environments.

2. Experience in the use of online publishing platforms.


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