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Brimbank JobLink is a one-stop-portal for employment in the Brimbank municipality.

If you live local and want to work local, sign up and become a member today to receive the full benefits of this portal – its free!

Are you a local businesses looking for new staff and want to employ local? Job vacancies can be posted on this portal at no cost.

This service is provided by Brimbank City Council. Our work is focused on improving the economic wellbeing and the quality of life for the Brimbank community. Brimbank City Council undertakes many activities that delivers improved economic outcomes for the municipality and positions Brimbank for significant growth and development including growing existing businesses, attracting new businesses as well as encourage more investment and development so that we can live, work and employ local.

Looking for a Job?

Brimbank JobLink is a one-stop-portal for employment in the Brimbank municipality. By becoming a member of Brimbank JobLink you can:

  • Find local jobs quickly and easily
  • Receive local job alerts
  • Create and/or upload your existing resume on the AirCV. This allows you to apply for jobs from any mobile device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Keep up to date with further education and training opportunities, job expos, available job search support, local employment trends
  • Share jobs and opportunities you find with your friends and family via social media.

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Looking for an Employee?

Brimbank JobLink is a smart, cost free way to recruit quality local staff using this easy online system.

Simply upload your job advert onto Brimbank JobLink portal (using easy copy and paste functionality) and your job will be advertised to Brimbank jobseekers online, or you can nominate to restrict advertising to local jobseekers for a limited period.

Why employ locally?

  • Value adds to the local economy, strengthening your business brand
  • Reduces travel times, delivering employees who are more consistently on time
  • Local employees show much greater loyalty to their work place
  • Value adds to the workplace through local networks
  • Maximises use of local knowledge for your business

If you have a shop front or a public noticeboard, you can also benefit from the Job Beacon printing option. A Job Beacon placed in the front window of businesses is a professional looking poster that neatly contains all the information about a job and can be displayed in a prominent position. The Beacon is QR coded so smart phones and other devices can download the full position description for direct application.

Brimbank’s working population is around 147,934. Education levels in Brimbank are increasing across the secondary and tertiary sectors. The proportion of residents who have completed year 12 or equivalent has risen by 6 per cent, and university attendance has risen by over 3 per cent, since 2006. Brimbank is one of Victoria’s most culturally diverse municipalities, with more than 156 nationalities from around the globe. Diverse language and culture skills are key workforce skills for the future.

To get all these benefits, start by becoming a member now.

Brimbank JobLink Disclaimer
The Brimbank JobLink is an introductory service for individuals seeking employment and for organisations seeking employees. These individuals are not Brimbank City Council employees.

Brimbank City Council do not provide insurance for, nor accept responsibility for any employment outcomes that are secured using the Brimbank JobLink portal.

Any disputes or grievances that may arise between registered individuals and organisations must be resolved by the individuals and organisations involved; Brimbank City Council takes no responsibility in settling such disputes.

Brimbank City Council monitors registrations and reserves the right to delete registrations containing false or misleading information.