Got that Job! What Next?

Minimum wages

Australian law sets the minimum wage rates, which establish the minimum amount that people must legally be paid for different kinds of jobs. It's okay to be paid higher than the minimum rate set, but it's illegal to pay less.

If you think you are being underpaid visit the following pages for advice:


When you commence in a new job, you will be required to fill in a Tax Declaration form. This form gives your employer permission to take income tax out of your wages which they then give to the tax office.

You will need to have a Tax File Number (TFN) before commencing in your new job. Your (TFN) is a unique number given to you by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). When filling in your Tax Declaration form you will have to include your TFN.

For information on how to apply for a TFN visit:


Superannuation is extra money that your employer puts aside for you on your behalf that you can only access once you retire. When you retire, your superannuation is what people use to supplement their age pension. If you think your employer isn't paying the right amount of super, or if they're not paying it at all, you can contact your super fund or contact the Super Helpline on 131 020.

Preparing for your first day on the job

The first day at a new job is critical for making the right impression.

Here are some important tips for a successful first day on a new job:

  • Whether you drive, bike, bus or walk to your new job, it's smart to test drive the route before your first day as you don’t want to be late
  • Get to bed early the night before, you don’t want to turn up on your first day feeling tired with bags under your eyes
  • A way to impress your boss on the first day is to show up with a clear understanding of what the company does so do some homework
  • Pack a lunch as you don’t know what food and beverage facilities are available on site
  • Eat breakfast before you leave your house and brush your teeth
  • Put on your favourite suit or outfit, the one that makes you shine. If you feel confident, you will look confident
  • You finally made it to your new workplace, now take a deep breath and walk in with a smile on your face
  • Make eye contact with whomever you meet and introduce yourself
  • Be polite and friendly to everyone, whether it's the receptionist, a colleague or your new boss
  • Remember that it's okay to ask questions
  • Keep a positive attitude and an open mind. Your life has changed and it will take getting used to.